Both Dacorum Borough Council's and Three Rivers District Council's Local Plans could lead to the development of multiple GREEN BELT SITES in and around Kings Langley

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Dacorum and Three Rivers Local Plans 

Dacorum published their draft Local Plan for consultation on 27th November stating a 10 week consultation period which will close on 7th February 2021.  Three Rivers expect to publish their Local Plan some time in 2021.

Dacorum have included in their plan one green belt site in Kings Langley, Rectory Farm, which is expected to take 145 new homes on the green field part of the site which is in addition to the 55 homes on the brown field part of the site, which has already been granted planning permission. 

Development of this Green Belt site will erode the boundary of our village and cause considerable impact to village traffic and local services.

Some time ago Three Rivers District Council passed a change in their policy to allow certain housing development in the Green Belt. This potentially opens the door to green belt development on the edges of towns and villages in Three Rivers and will likely result in an erosion of the Green Belt around Kings Langley.


We will be keeping a close eye on subsequent policy changes and possible sites that become apparent for development in and around our village.

Update on three potential Motorway Service Areas (MSAs)
Moto MSA – Junction 20, M25

For the last three months Moto has been in discussion with Highways England and Herts County Council regarding the impact on highways and measures to mitigate the effect.  They have had to provide more technical traffic data and measures to cope with the increase in use of Junction 20.  This information will not be provided to Three Rivers Council until MOTO has reached an agreement with Highways England.

Once the information is released no decision will be taken without a further public consultation exercise on the amended documents. We will keep you updated on further developments.

Article posted 23/12/2020


Extra MSA, Junction 16-17, M25

There is another alternative outline planning application by Extra for a motorway services area between Junctions 16 and 17 of the M25, near Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire which is better positioned and in-line (dedicated access directly onto the M25). The Chiltern & South Bucks Council’s planning website currently shows the application status as validated which means they are starting the process to determine whether to grant or refuse planning permission.


Welcome Break MSA, M25 between the M40 and M4 junctions near Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire

There is a further 3rd possible MSA on the M25 near Iver Heath being put forward by Welcome Break. Buckinghamshire County Council has entered into a commercial arrangement for land it owns next to the M25, between the M40 and M4 junctions and under the deal, Welcome Break would build and operate the MSA and pay a rent for the land to the Council.

The positioning of this MSA is ideally suited as it is mid-way along a 44 mile stretch of motorway between South Mimms services to the north and Cobham services to the south. This is currently the longest section of the M25 without a service area and one of the busiest for traffic.

An article was published in The Bucks Herald and more information can be found here:

The Draft Plan Has Been published and villagers must comment to save our green belt 

It has been a long time coming but now Dacorum's Local Plan has been published for public consultation. Out of four possible green belt sites that were considered for inclusion, Rectory Farm remains and is set to provide 145 new homes on what is currently green fields and undeveloped green belt land.

Releasing this land for housing could set a dangerous precedent and start Kings Langley on the path from village to town. It is the green spaces around our village that define its boundaries, its character and provides separation from neighbouring settlements. Boundaries that need protecting.

Three years ago, over 800 villagers attended a meeting after Dacorum made public four possible green belt sites for development in Kings Langley. The vast majority objected to the development of these sites. Villagers now need to act and make their feelings known by responding as individuals to Dacorum's Local Plan consultation. That is the only way Dacorum and eventually the Plan Inspector will take notice of local feeling. The KL&DRA will be preparing a professional response objecting to the inclusion of Rectory Farm, but we really need the weight of village feeling to make a real difference.


To help everyone respond, the KL&DRA have distributed a newsletter & response form to all house holds in the village explaining how to object. The Newsletter can also be downloaded here and the response form downloaded here.




















To find out more about the plan please visit Dacorum's Local Plan website by clicking here.

The closing date for responses is 7th February 2021.

Article posted 20/12/2020  

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