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Both Dacorum Borough Council's and Three Rivers District Council's Local Plans will lead to development on   multiple GREEN BELT SITES in and around Kings Langley
Please read on to find out how you can help save our Green Belt 

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New! See our comments on cala's application
To see the Association's response to the Cala application, please click here.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Added 29/07/2022
See our guide to making comments
We have created a guidance document to help make it easy for residents to comment on the Cala planning application.
Please click here to download.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Added 18/07/2022
55 Homes are already under construction. 
Cala's Application will bring the total to 190 new homes on Kings langley's green belt 

When Miller Homes applied to build 55 homes on Rectory Farm, the KL&DRA did not object because even though the site is in the Green Belt, the development was on brownfield land (derelict farm buildings) and was a reasonable amount of new homes for our village to accept. We have always maintained that the rest of Rectory Farm must remain as undeveloped green field land. This area of land is an important green space between the A4251 and the Grand Union Canal that defines the edge of our village.
It would be ideal for this area to be wholly turned into a community space that would significantly contribute to the wellbeing of the  residents of Kings Langley and also protect the shape and character of our village by preventing coalescence with Nash Mills.    
Bear in mind Kings Langley is already subject to numerous smaller development sites in varoius states of progression and the threat of 890 new homes on the Three Rivers side of the village has not gone away.
Kings Langley is taking more than it's fair share of new homes and  Cala's development on our valuable Green Belt is a step too far. Please read our newsletter here for the bigger picture on cumulative developments in Kings Langley. 
If you have any questions, or need any help, please email us at

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Added 13/07/2022
100 Club results for the January draw
1st Prize          number 48
2nd Prize        number 31
3rd Prize         number 61
4th Prize         number 72
5th Prize         number 33
The draw was made by Jill Walshe of Home and Garden.
1st prize this month: £98.75.
Please help us

In order to fight development on Kings Langley's green field Green Belt we will need to employ  professional help which of course costs a lot of money. If you can support us by donating whatever you can, please click the donate button on this page or for other ways to donate go to our Get involved page.


Thank you.

Please see our information page for past green belt matters articles

In December 2017, 99% of respondents to a Poll of Kings Langley residents said they were opposed to development of our village green belt
The poll took place a month after more than 800 villagers attended an Extraordinary Parish Meeting regarding Dacorum's options for further development in Kings Langley. The vast majority opposed the inclusion of four Green Belt sites in Kings Langley, one of which was Rectory Farm.
For more than 22 years, The KINGS LANGLEY & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (KL&DRA) has been working tirelessly to preserve the character and historic setting of our village.
We encouraged and supported villagers in responding to Dacorum Borough Council's (DBC) Local Plan which included the allocation of new homes on Green belt land at Rectory Farm. Many other residents within the DBC area also responded by objecting to the proposed sites in the plan and DBC subsequently withdrew the plan and are now reconsidering it.
Now, more than ever, we need residents to respond to Cala's application to build on a significant green field, Green Belt site at the heart of our village. We have been told by the Planning Officer at Dacorum Borough Council that comments will be accepted until the END OF JULY 2022, so there is still time to have your say. Only by getting as many residents to respond as possible, will DBC take notice of the strength of feeling in our village.
To help you respond, KL&DRA are publishing background information and ideas for the grounds on which to comment about the application. Please keep an eye on this webpage for further updates and guidance and also check our Facebook page for updates. If you are a subscriber, we will also be sending updates out via email.
Useful Links:
For Facebook, click here.
For guidance on grounds for comments, click here.
To view the planning application, click here.
Added 13/07/2022

Please Join the KL&DRA 100 Club

The KL&DRA has a 100 Club to help pay for ongoing expenses such as website charges and internet costs, membership of associated organisations and expenses.  Members pay £5 per month for each number by standing order and can have as many numbers as they wish.  The total amount received each month is split 50/50 between the Association and the prize fund from which 5 prizes will be drawn.  The amount of each prize is a percentage of the total received ranging from 25% for the first prize to 3% for the fifth.  

If you would like to support the Association this way please email with how many numbers you would like and we will send you the membership form and payment details.

100 Club FAQs can be found here and the 100 Club Rules are here.

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