Both Dacorum Borough Council's and Three Rivers District Council's Local Plans could lead to the development of multiple GREEN BELT SITES in and around Kings Langley

what's happening
Rectory Farm - Owners Angle Property - public exhibition held on 25 september 
In June of this year, Angle Property, the owners of the Rectory Farm site, were granted outline planning permission by Dacorum Borough Council for the demolition of existing buildings (the brownfield area of the farm) and the redevelopment of up to 55 residential units. The KL&DRA did not object to this in principle so long as the development was kept to the brownfield part of the farm only.
At the Public Exhibition, Angle Property unveiled their master planning for the emerging Dacorum BC Local Plan which will result in most of the site, brownfield and greenfield Green Belt land, being lost beneath 175 houses and a care home.
Their announcement for the exhibition can be seen here.
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angle property's public exhibition confirms our worst fears for kings langley's green belt

The image to the right

shows the new plan for 175

houses plus a care home

covering most of the Green

Belt site.

The image below shows the

original consented scheme

for 55 houses on the

brownfield part of the site.










The Public Exhibition revealed the next two stages for Rectory Farm. First is the new plan which increases the house numbers from 55 to 70 and in addition adds a 62-bed care home. This pushes development well into the greenfield area of the site and increases traffic due to the additional residents and the visitors and staff generated by the care home. Angle Property's display boards (see link here) indicate the improvements in public open space, community use and even provide 'justification' for development of the Green Belt. It is likely that Angle will apply for planning permission for the new plan by the end of the year.


However, their master plan for the emerging Local Plan shows the envisioned final result - 175 houses plus a care home, a minimum amount of green field left as an amenity for the village and loss of a major Green Belt area that helps define the character and shape of Kings Langley as a village.

Little opposition appears to be coming from our Parish Council who seem to be toeing the line with Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) and accepting that Kings Langley's Green Belt will be built on. Be aware that Angle Property will sell the site to a developer who may then negotiate with DBC to up the numbers even more and we understand DBC would likely be very supportive of such a move. 

 What can you do?

If you do not want this development, you can do the following:


  • Download and fill in Angle Property's consultation form and post it to them by 18th October (form with freepost details is here) .  

  • Write to Kings Langley Parish Council (address: Charter Court, Vicarage Lane, Kings Langley, WD4 9HR), telling them you don't want this development and ask them what they are going to do to stop it. You can also speak to them in person  at one of their Tuesday evening meetings (calendar is here).

  • Write to James Doe, Assistant Director, Housing, Planning & Regeneration) at Dacorum Borough Council, Civic Centre, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1HH) telling him you object to the development of Rectory Farm's greenfield Green Belt land.

Finally, in order to fight development on Kings Langley's green field Green Belt we will need to employ professional help which of course costs a lot of money. If you can support us by donating whatever you can, please click the donate button on this page or for other ways to donate go to our Get involved page.


Thank you.

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If we are to be able to fight development on the Green Belt such as at Rectory Farm, the Association needs money to pay for professional consultants and legal advice. If you can donate please use the "Donate" button now! Thank you.
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