Where and how to object

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The proposed sites include:

• Shendish:
Extending Hemel Hempstead south to Rucklers Lane with traffic access off London Road (up to 900 houses plus primary school).
• Hill Farm:
Extending the north-west corner of the village with traffic access off Love Lane adjacent to Kings Langley Secondary (up to 280 houses).
• Rectory Farm:
Extending the north-east corner of the village with traffic access off Gade Valley Close (up to 200 houses).
• Wayside Farm:
Extending the south-west corner of the village with traffic access off Watford Road (offices and up to 2,000 houses).


These sites are in addition to existing sites already granted permission, or under construction, and is focussed on the use of our Green Belt land.

Click on the links below to download documents to help you 

KLDRA Summary | CPRE Comments

Additional comments to help, specific to areas:

Wayside Farm | Shendish | Hill Farm | Rectory Farm

This website has been set up by the Kings Langley & District Residents Association.

We are campaigning to fight the proposed plans to develop on 4 GREEN BELT sites in and around the village included in the Dacorum Council "CORE STRATEGY" document.


They state Kings Langley Parish can support an additional 50 homes. However several thousand have been proposed by utilising GREEN BELT land. Amongst other points, we strongly object to the loss of our Green Belt Land, and the strain this level of development would put on the village (public transport, roads, schools, doctors, emergency services, etc).


We need everyone to file their objections and to choose Option 1A by midnight 13th December to help save our village and its’ surroundings.




➡️  ONLINE Submit your objections and select Option 1A online (see points 2 and 3 below)  http://bit.ly/2zPYE2i  

Please allow a few days to register and complete the online form, and  also click Save after each answer. You don’t need to answer every point, but ensure you choose your preferred option and state your objections clearly.

➡️  BY EMAIL strategic.planning@dacorum.gov.uk stating your clear objections and your preferred option (Option 1A would be the best outcome for Kings Langley)

➡️  BY POST to Strategic Planning and Regeneration, Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1DN, again stating your clear objections and your preferred option as 1A. Your address and postcode, comments and choice of Option is vital if sending via post, for your points to be considered.







1. Dacorum Council's local plan - http://bit.ly/2AOoT8M

• Page 97 summarises the options
• Page 47 states Kings Langley has the capacity to only build a further 50 houses (although development on the proposed GREEN BELT plots will be 1,000's)
• Page 60 refers to replacing Wayside Farm (working dairy farm) with an Industrial Estate.
• P61 refers to the building of a Shopping Centre in Kings Langley


2. Submitting your objections online (this is a cumbersome process but not all questions require a comment - http://bit.ly/2zPYE2i

• Navigate via the links on the left, scroll down each page and "Add a Comment" from Section 3.


3. Issues and Options Consultation Sustainability Appraisal Working Note - http://bit.ly/2jypND0

• When submitting your comments online you will be asked for your thoughts on this document.


4. Dacorum Council's CORE STRATEGY for the local area - http://bit.ly/2APkxOF

• P169 - 171 refers to Kings Langley