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Three Rivers District Council's Local Plan consultation receives more than 20,000 comments
We said: "If you don't want to see a 40% increase in the size of Kings Langley, you need to comment." And you did! 
For more than 20 years, The KINGS LANGLEY & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (KL&DRA) has been working tirelessly to preserve the character and historic setting of our village.
In the past we have encouraged villagers to write to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) and object to the proposed Moto motorway services area on the A41 , just off J20 of the M25. Over 1,600 objections were received by TRDC and the Council reacted to this huge local response by refusing the application.
The KL&DRA also encouraged villagers to respond to Dacorum Borough Council's (DBC) Local Plan which included 145 additional houses on Green belt land at Rectory Farm. Many other residents within the DBC area also responded by objecting to the proposed sites in the plan and DBC subsequently withdrew the plan and are now reconsidering it.
Most recently, we asked residents to respond to TRDC's Local Plan Consultation, which closed on 20 August 2021.
The great news is that many residents and interested groups responded resulting in the council receiving more than 20,000 individual comments. TRDC now has to process and consider the public feedback, make amendments to the plan and then publish the next stage which will be subject to another public consultation opportunity. The council has stated the next publication date as November / December 2022, so we have a long time to wait and see whether the changes increase or decrease the housing allocation in Kings Langley. The main point to bear in mind is that the threat to Kings Langley’s Green Belt has not gone away. As ever, the KL&DRA will continue to monitor all planning matters that affect Kings Langley and will ensure residents are kept informed.
Added 17/10/2021
The sites proposed for development in kings langley                    
At Numbers Farm, Egg Farm Lane - 893 dwellings plus a primary school
At Woodlands Road, off Hyde Lane - 62 dwellings
At the Flower House - 19 dwellings 
UseFul information 
Download our Newsletter which provides useful information on the plan hereIf you have any questions, or need any help, please email us at residents@greenbeltmatters.com
TRDC's Local Plan Proposes almost 1,000 New HOmes & a primary school for Kings Langley, on green belt land.
If you don't want to see a 40% increase in the size of Kings Langley, you need to comment 
For more than 20 years, The KINGS LANGLEY & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (KL&DRA) has been working tirelessly to preserve the character and historic setting of our village.
Never in the past has our village been threatened by so much development that will lead to traffic chaos and overwhelm our already overstretched local services such as schools and doctor's surgeries. 
Recently we encouraged villagers to write to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) and object to the proposed Moto motorway services area on the A41 , just off J20 of the M25. Over 1,600 objections were received by TRDC and the Council reacted to this huge local response by refusing the application.
The KL&DRA also encouraged villagers to respond to Dacorum Borough Council's (DBC) Local Plan which included 145 additional houses on Green belt land at Rectory Farm. Many other residents within the DBC area also responded by objecting to the proposed sites in the plan and DBC subsequently withdrew the plan and are now reconsidering it.
We need to make TRDC do the same by getting as many residents as possible to respond to the Local Plan Consultation.
It is important that individual residents respond as TRDC will take more notice if large numbers of residents respond.
To help, the KL&DRA has distributed a printed Newsletter and a postcard to every household in Kings Langley. The Newsletter explains what the TRDC Local Plan Consultation is about; which sites are included for development in Kings Langley; how to respond to the consultation and we've also provided some ideas of what you can include in your response. The postcard provides an easy way to comment by post. Links to Newsletter & postcard as well as some other useful documents are included on this page.
Please do try and find a little time to tell TRDC that Kings Langley does not want and cannot take this amount of development.
Added 07/07/2021
Moto MSA – Junction 20, M25
Planning application refused by TRDC
On the 24th June 2021, at their Planning meeting, Three Rivers Planning Committee refused permission for the Moto MSA. This is great news but not the end of the process.

What will most likely happen is the three potential MSA sites:

Moto at J20

Extra between J16 & J17

Welcome Break between the M40 and M4 Junctions, will all be called in by the Secretary of State for Transport for a final decision as to which one(s) will be allowed. KL&DRA will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone informed.

Updated 08/07/2021
Moto have published updated traffic flow information and proposed road alterations - have your say by friday 26 March

An application for permission to build a Motorway Service Area (MSA) on green belt land just south of Junction 20 and west of the A41 has been with Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) since April 2019.


Moto want to build a 80-bed hotel, amenity hub with restaurants and shops, petrol station, lorry park and drive thru coffee facility, along with parking for 842 cars, 94 lorries, 19 coaches, 23 caravans and 24 motorcycles.

You may have already commented on this application to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC), however, Moto have recently submitted further traffic flow information and proposed road alterations to their application after receiving comments from a number of agencies. TRDC is inviting comments on these revised traffic proposals. The application has not yet been considered, so all the comments made before will still be taken into account when the application is heard – TRDC just wants comments on the revised traffic proposals. If you have not commented previously, or have something else you wish to say to TRDC, you are fully entitled to do so.

For more information and how to respond, take a look at our information sheet here.


Article posted 10/03/2021

download our Say No to Moto poster here
Added 18/03/2021
Last Chance to respond to DBC's local Plan-use our easy response guide
If you’ve not had a chance yet to have your say by responding to DBC’s Local Plan Consultation or you’re finding it too hard to wade through the consultation documents click here to read our one page easy response guide for some ideas that you can use (please change into your own words rather than just copy).
Every response counts so please make your comments to Dacorum by email or by post by Sunday 28 February. The shape of Kings Langley's future depends on it!
The Draft Plan Has Been published and villagers must comment to save our green belt 

It has been a long time coming but now Dacorum's Local Plan has been published for public consultation. Out of four possible green belt sites that were considered for inclusion, Rectory Farm remains and is set to provide 145 new homes on what is currently green fields and undeveloped green belt land.

Releasing this land for housing could set a dangerous precedent and start Kings Langley on the path from village to town. It is the green spaces around our village that define its boundaries, its character and provides separation from neighbouring settlements. Boundaries that need protecting.

Three years ago, over 800 villagers attended a meeting after Dacorum made public four possible green belt sites for development in Kings Langley. The vast majority objected to the development of these sites. Villagers now need to act and make their feelings known by responding as individuals to Dacorum's Local Plan consultation. That is the only way Dacorum and eventually the Plan Inspector will take notice of local feeling. The KL&DRA will be preparing a professional response objecting to the inclusion of Rectory Farm, but we really need the weight of village feeling to make a real difference.


To help everyone respond, the KL&DRA have distributed a newsletter & response form to all house holds in the village explaining how to object. The Newsletter can also be downloaded here and the response form downloaded here.


To find out more about the plan please visit Dacorum's Local Plan website by clicking here.                                     Article posted 20/12/2020

The closing date for responses is 28th February 2021.

updated 01/02/2021  

Dacorum and Three Rivers Local Plans 

Dacorum published their draft Local Plan for consultation on 27th November and have extended the consultation period which will now close on 28th February 2021.  Three Rivers expect to publish their Local Plan some time in 2021.

Dacorum have included in their plan one green belt site in Kings Langley, Rectory Farm, which is expected to take 145 new homes on the green field part of the site which is in addition to the 55 homes on the brown field part of the site, which has already been granted planning permission. 

Development of this Green Belt site will erode the boundary of our village and cause considerable impact to village traffic and local services.

Some time ago Three Rivers District Council passed a change in their policy to allow certain housing development in the Green Belt. This potentially opens the door to green belt development on the edges of towns and villages in Three Rivers and will likely result in an erosion of the Green Belt around Kings Langley.


We will be keeping a close eye on subsequent policy changes and possible sites that become apparent for development in and around our village.                                                                      updated 01/02/2021

West Herts College, Home Park Mill Link Road – Development of 65 flats – 

Bellway Homes have applied for planning permission to convert the West Herts College site into 65 flats. The Kings Langley & District Residents Association (KL&DRA) have objected to this application for the following reasons:

  1. Inadequate parking provision – there are only 75 spaces on the site for 65 flats which could lead to as many as 50 cars having to park in neighbouring streets.

  2. No affordable housing – despite Three Rivers District Council’s (TRDC) own policy which seeks 45% affordable housing on new developments.

  3. There is no amenity space on the site – no green space is provided on site for residents

  4. Building design is too high and out of character – at five storeys (see artists impression above), the block of flats will be at least one storey higher than any other building nearby.

  5. Additional strain on local infrastructure – KL&DRA is very concerned that potentially 200 new residents up to 130 vehicles will place a significant additional demand on school spaces, doctor’s facilities and rush hour congestion which will mainly affect the Dacorum Borough Council side of the village

The KL&DRA accepts that our village must take on some level of additional housing, particularly on brownfield sites such as this. However, we believe that the site cannot and should not accommodate 65 flats. This is over-development of the site and the number of flats should be significantly reduced and 45% of the reduced number should be affordable homes.

Comments must be received by Wednesday 11th November 2020. 

If you agree, please support our stance by emailing your comments for the attention of Scott Volker, Development Management (Planning), TRDC via the following email address: enquiries@threerivers.gov.uk

Please include in your response:

the planning application reference: 20/1858/AOD;

Your name & address. 

The planning application detail can be viewed by following this link: https://tinyurl.com/y6hf94v6


The more people who respond, the more likely TRDC will consider our concerns.




Our Green Spaces Assist our Health & WellBeing 

The KL&DRA champions our local countryside because we know how vital it is for our health and wellbeing. This terrible pandemic and the threat of climate change has reinforced just how much we all need and value the local environment and do not want to be the generation that destroys it.


Recent research by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE)* and the Office for National Statistics (ONS)** shows:

  • Over two thirds of us want to see our local green spaces enhanced with more plants and wildlife; and

  • 1 in 5 Londoners lack access to a garden, so daily exercise in nearby countryside, parks and other green spaces became a lifeline to many.


Rectory Farm planning application withdrawn

As reported in the July / August 2020 issue of Kings Langley Village News, The planning application for 89 residential units on Rectory Farm, including 34 on the Green Belt, has been withdrawn. 

Parish Council Miss opportunity to save Kings Langley's green belt at rectory farm
Parish Council planning committee "note" planning application on green belt and avoid objecting

On Tuesday 18th February 2020, the Parish Council Planning committee discussed 

the application for Rectory Farm to extend the area of development into the Green Belt increasing the number of houses /apartments from 55 (on the site of the former barns) to 89. Access to the site would now be from Hempstead Road and not Gade Valley Close. Members of the public present, together with this Association, spoke against the application

and its extension of development into the Green Belt (which the village had voted overwhelmingly against).

Councillors then spoke both for and

against the application. Those in favour felt that building on the land was needed to meet the Government's housing target and, if not met, the position could be a lot worse. The application was in keeping with the existing housing in the village and gave greater controls over what would eventually be built once the land is sold on to a builder.

Those councillors against the application spoke in favour of protecting the village's Green Belt and that exceptional circumstances which permitted building on the Green Belt had not been demonstrated. Whilst the offer of community land was welcome, access to it and parking for those using it was insufficient. Not enough effort had been made by Dacorum to identify previously developed land rather than using the Green Belt.  Subsequently, other arguments were put forward for and against.

It was then proposed to vote on a decision by the Council that the application be noted. The vote was taken and carried -  3 votes for (Cllrs Howard Button, Alan Anderson & Bob McLean) to 2 votes against (Cllrs Mark Rogers and  Alan Johnson).

Our Parish Council is therefore not for development on Green Belt or against it. This is despite  their claims in the past to be against Green Belt development in Kings Langley.

A day later, on Wednesday 19th March 2020, the Parish Council convened an extraordinary Parish Meeting and voted to accept an offer from Angle Property to pass ownership of the land along the canal to the Parish Council. This offer is conditional upon the planning application being approved. Further details, covenants and conditions associated with the transfer of the land will be the subject of further meetings and discussions.

What the future holds for Rectory Farm?

We know from Angle Property's display boards (see link here) that it would only be a matter of time before applications would be made to develop more of the Rectory Farm site.  With no objection coming from the Parish Council this opens the door for Dacorum to take the whole site out of the Green Belt, as this Association predicted, via the new Local Plan. 

As a village we need to fight this when the next Local Plan stage is published.

This Residents Association was instrumental in keeping Rectory Farm out of the the last Local Plan and we will fight to do the same again, with your help.

Useful links:
To view the Dacorum Planning portal, please click here.
Rectory Farm planning application reference is:
Deadline now closed for Comment on the latest planning application for rectory Farm
KL&DRA are asking residents to object to the latest planning application for a total of 89 houses on Green Belt land. For more information, please read our flyer by clicking here.
For ideas on what to include in your objection, please click this link. If you can please adapt the ideas into your own words.
another proposal for a motorway service area on the m25 

Extra Motorway Services are proposing a new motorway service area (MSA) between Junctions 16 & 17 of the M25. If this were to go ahead then there is no justification for the Moto proposal at junction 20. Extra MSA are holding public meetings at Maple Cross and West Hyde Community Centre on 25 January and at Chalfont St. Peter Community Centre on the 26 January. 

For more information see the Watford Observer article here.

The deadline has now closed to comment on the three rivers local plan Consultation 
The closing date for commenting on the sites in the Three Rivers Local Plan Potential Sites Consultation was Friday 21st December 2018. 
To see the KL&DRA's comments on sites in and around Kings Langley please click here.
Government publishes revised National Planning Policy Framework
In July 2018, the new NPPF was published which sets out sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these should be applied. It provides a framework within which locally-prepared plans for housing and other development can be produced.  The document can be found here.
We now await to see what the government has in store for Dacorum in terms of the numbers of houses the Council will be expected to allow to be built within the Borough. 
Affordable homes on Green belt 'a lie' say CPRE
A BBC report provides an interesting insight from The Campaign to Protect Rural England regarding affordable homes and building on the Green Belt. 
Click here to view the report.
Planning application for a car park for Concept House on green belt land behind the florists opposite Kings Langley station 
A planning application has been  made to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) for a car park opposite Kings Langley station for the occupants of Concept House. The KL&DRA believe this development is unnecessary, particularly as it is on Green Belt land. more information can be found by visiting TRDC's planning website here and searching on the application reference: 18/2408/RSP. The deadline for comments has now passed. To read KL&DRA's comments, please click here.
south west herts growth and transport plan consultation
The South West Herts Growth & Transport Plan is a new transport strategy produced by Hertfordshire County Council to help direct and plan transport improvements and investment in South West Hertfordshire. It aims to make foot/bike/bus/coach travel more attractive / quicker with less private car journeys through several proposals across Hemel Hempstead, Watford and St Albans.
The consultation has now closed, however, you can still read the document here 
Proposals directly affecting Kings Langley are contained in Packages 1 and 6 
⦁    Increased capacity and access to the M25 at J20 and J19. 
⦁    Park and Ride transport hub - close to Kings Langley station. New link road connecting to A4251 and onwards to M25 J20. Served by improved bus links between Hemel, Watford and Watford & Croxley business parks, 500/501 bus service & walk-link to Kings Langley station.  
⦁    Better bus services between Watford and Hemel - Bus priority lanes on the A41 from the A414 through M25 J20 to M25 J19 spur (Hunton Bridge Roundabout) reallocating one lane to buses only, or construction of additional bus lane with bus priority signals. 
⦁    Improve the cycle lane along the canal and into Watford.
dacorum Borough Council publish Local Plan Timetable
It looks like there will be a long wait before we know for certain what Dacorum Borough Council have decided regarding the development of the Green Belt in and around Kings Langley. Their timetable for the Local Plan process indicates that it will not be adopted until after September 2019. 
In the meantime, we shall remain vigilant and continue to fight threats against the Green Belt as they arise.
Click here to view the DBC Local Plan timetable
read our nEWSLETTERs
Click here to view our November 2019 Newsletter
Click here to view our March 2019 Newsletter
Click here to view our November 2018 Newsletter 
Click here to view the KL&DRA June 2018 Newsletter 
You did it! we exceeded our fundraising target
We set ourselves a target of £10,000 to cover professional responses to the consultation stage of DBC's Local Plan and your generosity has helped us cover those costs and have some in reserve for future battles, the first of which will be Rectory Farm. A big "Thank You" to all who have contributed. The fight is far from over and further contributions will help us in the future. If you would like to contribute, please use the Donate button below 

Rectory Farm Outline Planning Application for 55 houses approved 26 June 2019

The owner of Rectory Farm, Angle Property, submitted an outline planning application for the development of up to 55 dwellings covering the same footprint as the brownfield part of the site, the whole site being in the Green Belt. Although the KL&DRA opposes development of Green Belt land, development of brownfield land within Green Belt sites is extremely difficult to prevent. However, the KL&DRA does completely oppose any further development of the greenfield areas of the site beyond these 55 dwellings and would fight against any such proposal.

KL&DRA has submitted comments to DBC on the application and also sent a letter to the Planning Case Officer asking a number of questions. Our comments can be read here. We are awaiting a response to our questions and will update this website with the response in due course. 

This application was granted by Dacorum Borough Council on 26 June 2019.

New service station, hotel, parking and rest stop proposed at Junction 20 of the M25
Many of you will have heard about the above proposal right on our doorstep.
Moto Hospitality Ltd held a consultation event regarding their proposals for the new Motorway Service Area (MSA) at Junction 20 of the M25 on Wed 24 October in Kings Langley. We know that the event was well attended by local residents who had the opportunity to provide written comments to Moto. Please note that the Moto development is included in the list of sites in the new Three Rivers Local Plan which can also be commented upon. (Site reference: CFS24: South West Junction 20 of the M25). Click here to view the Three Rivers New Local Plan document.
Deadline for comments to be submitted to Three Rivers is 5pm on Friday 7th December 2018. A link to the Three Rivers Local Plan web page is here.
Read our April 2020 newsletter here

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